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Are you a culinary expert? Play Phoodle to test your food and culinary vocabulary. Guess a 5-letter word about food. The answer could be a dish, a kitchen utensil, a cooking method or even the name of a famous chef. Expand understanding of worldwide cuisines with Phoodle.

With one hidden word every day, players everywhere will have the same challenge. Phoodle is all about food and for those who love food.

How to Play Phoodle?

Enter a 5-letter word into the first row (don't forget the hidden word is related to “food”)

Based on the color-coded tiles to make the next guess if the word you just guessed is not the correct answer.

  • Green tiles for correct letters
  • Yellow tiles for letters that belong to the target word but are in the wrong place
  • Gray tiles for letters that are not in the target word.