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Ever heard of Foodle? What does that name remind you of? If you haven't played Foodle yet, it won't take long for you to discover this exciting food game. Here you will be provided with what is interesting about the game, a description as well as game instructions. Most importantly, you can play Foodle for free all the time. Guess the food-related word in six attempts. It is all about food and everything related to food. We're confident that you'll adore Foodle.

Game Details

Foodle is a word-guessing game for those who love or have knowledge of food. The game only offers one puzzle per day and challenges players all over the world. Each player will have a total of 6 guesses to find a mysterious 5-letter word. Clues will appear through each guess if matching letters appear. Players can rely on the color of the tiles to make the next guess.

All Foodle mystery words are on the subject of food. Therefore, providing you have a rich vocabulary on it, you already have an edge to win. Just think of food throughout the game to find the answer. In addition, the Settings menu in Foodle gives players the option to play the game in Color Blind Mode, which employs high contrast colors. Thanks to this, people with color or vision impairments can also recognize color-coded tiles.

All of the letters in the hidden word will become green in default mode after you find it. There will be no more challenges for the day, and you'll have to wait till the next one comes along.

How to Play Foodle

Foodle game rules are not something so complicated that players take time to learn to be able to play. Foodle is a great option for individuals who prefer to keep things simple and efficient.

Again, you and all the other players will have 6 times to guess a 5-letter word about food. If you are unable to locate the answer on your own after the allowed number of guesses, the system will announce the answer for you right after. As the next challenge won't only come until the next day, it is disappointed if you can't find the answer. To make playing Foodle a little bit easier, we've outlined our steps below.

1. Enter a 5-letter word about food

The system will tell you how many letters are correct by coloring the tiles. Accordingly, the green tiles indicate that the letters are in the correct position, and the yellow tiles represent the letters in the hidden word but in the wrong position.

2. Based on the color-coded tiles in the first guess to make the next guess.

3. Analyze similarly to the above steps and follow these notes,

  • Find words with the position of the green letters preserved
  • Include the yellow letter in the next guessed word but it needs to be repositioned from the previous guess.
  • Do not reuse gray letters.